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Scholarships and Awards

As an acknowledgement of brilliance, scholarships form an excellent means to pursue higher education, without feeling the pinch of the high tuition fees demanded in most courses. The following links give you a list of National Scholarships.

National Talent Search (NCERT)

Children form the major human resource, and no Country can afford to ignore the development of this segment of society. The National Council for Educational Research and Training promotes educational development both in quantitative and qualitative terms, and makes special efforts to remove disparities and equalize educational opportunities for all students. NCERT acknowledges and appreciates educational brilliance in students through the National Talent Search Scheme (for Regular Students) and National Talent Promotion Scheme (for School Dropouts). It also seeks to applaud artistic distinction through the Chacha Nehru Scholarships for Artistic and Innovative Excellence. For complete details on each of the above schemes, click on the following links.


The Olympiads signify excellence in education and an undoubted knowledge base. India has the following Olympiads to appreciate such talent in students.

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