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In India, chronic diseases were the reason for 53 per cent of all deaths in 2005 (External website that opens in a new window) . Of these 29 per cent were due to cardiovascular diseases that include heart attacks, coronary artery disease and strokes. The occurrence of diabetes in urban Indians is the second highest in the world; with approximately 12 per cent of adults developing the disease. Also, the use of tobacco is known to contribute to 56.4 per cent and 44.9 per cent of cancers in men and women, respectively.

Fortunately, most of these diseases can be easily prevented through simple steps like following a proper diet and exercising regularly. This Knowledge Centre of our Health Section aims to provide Indian citizens with health related tips and other information to help better their physical condition and wellbeing. It also provides guidelines on health care for common diseases and first aid tips for those emergency situations.

What’s more, if you are looking for resources on medical journals, research studies, libraries and approved medicines, then the Knowledge Centre is the perfect source to browse through. Here below are a few topics that you may find useful.

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