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Aero Medical Services

In simple language, aero medical service means providing healthcare service by using helicopters and aircraft. The necessity of such services arises when time becomes a crucial factor in deciding the fate of a patient(s). The aero medical services play a crucial role especially in a geographically diverse country like India in times of crisis.

Though Indian armed forces have always provided such services to the citizens of India, in the private sector the pioneers of such a service is a company called Indian Aeromedical Services (IAS) (External website that opens in a new window), which provides air ambulance service in India to match the best in the world.

The helicopters and aircraft of Indian Aeromedical Services are equipped to handle any life threatening medical emergency. The charges for these services depend upon the type of aircraft used, distance from the operation base-Mumbai, number and type of medical and para-medical needed and type of medical support needed. Though at times the charges of this service may not be pocket-friendly, the importance of the existence of such a service during emergency cannot be overlooked. More information about costs and coverage (External website that opens in a new window).

Source: National Portal Content Management Team, Reviewed on:14-02-2011