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Online Service Details for: Samadhan Ek Din (One Day Governance) (Hindi-Download Kruti Dev 010 Font)

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Service CategoryGovernment to Citizen (G2C)
Service Title Samadhan Ek Din (One Day Governance) (Hindi-Download Kruti Dev 010 Font)
Service State/MinistryMadhya Pradesh
Service DescriptionThe Government of Madhya Pradesh has embarked on a unique project that seeks to redefine public service - SAMADHAN EK DIN (One Day Governance)- which in local language means a solution, for the people and the Government vis a vis prompt delivery of services sought by public. The objective is to provide to the citizens more and more services and information related to the departments and agencies of the State and Central Governments in an efficient, reliable, transparent and integrated manner on a sustained basis. This is to be done through a chain of computerized SAMADHAN Centers( Jan Suvidha Kendra). Arrangements have been made at Jan Suvidha Kendras to display details of services offered(with application form, payment details), collection of fees, collection of completed application form with fees receipt and delivery of documents/certificates on the same day. Presently, the services offered at the Jan Suvidha Kendras includes the issue of following cerificate/documents such as Domicile Certificate, Registration of Vehicles, Marriage Registration Certificate, Birth Certificate, Death Certificate, Renewal of Registration of Shop/Firms, Renewal of Arms Licenses, Khasra & B-1 Copy, BPL Certificate, Attestation, Learning Driving License, Affidavit (by Notary), Copy of the Voter List, Duplicate Ration Card, Caste Certificate, Income Certificate, Renewal of License under Food Adulteration Act etc. Gradually, it is intended to provide various other Certificates/Documents to the citizens through this Jan Suvidha Kendra. The service is implemented in most of the Districts.
Service LanguageHindi

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