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Scholarship and Fellowship Division

The Scholarship and Fellowship Division operates four schemes to provide monetary assistance to individuals engaged in promoting cultural activities in the country.

Scholarships to Young Artistes in different Cultural Fields

The Scholarships are awarded to young artistes in the fields of Indian Classical dances, Indian Classical Music, Theatre, Visual Arts and Folk, Traditional forms of Arts, etc. Under the Scheme, a total of 400 scholarships are awarded each year for a period of two years. The value of Scholarships is Rs.2000 per month..

Artistes in the age group of 18-25 years are eligible to apply. The scholarships are awarded for taking advance training..

Fellowships to Outstanding Artistes in the fields of Performing, Literary and Visual Arts

Fellowships are awarded to the outstanding Artistes in the fields of Indian Classical Dances, Indian Classical Music, Theatre, Visual Arts, Folk, Traditional forms of Performing Arts and Literature. A total of 170 fellowships are awarded for a period of two years; out of this 85 are Senior fellowships having a value of Rs.12000 per month and 85 are Junior fellowships having a value of Rs.6000 per month. Artistes in the age bracket of 41 years and above are eligible to apply for Senior fellowship and artistes from 25-40 years of age can apply for Junior fellowships. The applicants who are employed in the Central Government/Undertakings/Government Organisations/UGC aided Colleges, etc., will be required to take study leave or any other kind of leave for a period of two years, if selected..

The Fellowships are awarded for undertaking research oriented projects. While both the academic research and performance related research are encouraged, the applicant is required to provide evidence of his/her capabilities in undertaking the project. The fellowships are not intended for providing training, conducting workshops, seminars or writing autobiographies/fictions, etc..

Award of Senior/Junior Fellowships in New Areas related to Culture

Fellowships are awarded in the fields of Indology, Epigraphy, Sociology of Culture, Cultural Economics, Structural and Engineering aspects of monuments, Numismatics, Scientific and Technical aspects of Conservation, Management aspects of Art and Heritage and Studies relating to application of Science and Technology in areas related to culture and creativity. A total of 19 fellowships are awarded each year; 11 Senior and 8 Junior. Post-graduates in the relevant field and in the age group of 41 years and above are eligible for Senior fellowships and eligibility age is 25-40 years for Junior Fellowships. The value of fellowships is Rs.12000 per month and Rs.6000 per month respectively..

The Senior and Junior fellowships are awarded for undertaking projects in the new areas with the objective to encourage application of modern ideas, principles, methodology and technology to art and culture related issues. The objective is to encourage analytical application of new research techniques, technologies and modern management principles to contemporary issues and problems in the art and culture related areas..

Source: National Portal Content Management Team Reviewed on: 25-02-2011