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Anthropological Survey of India

The Anthropological Survey of India (External website that opens in a new window) is a premier research organisation under the Ministry of Culture. It has completed 59 years of its splendorous existence and has adhered itself to its commitments to carry out anthropological researches in the area of bio-cultural aspects of Indian population in general and on those who are referred to as the "Weakest of the Weak" in particular. Besides this there are other pertinent activities of the Survey, which include collection, preservation, maintenance; documentation and study of ethnographic materials as well as ancient human skeletal remains. Over the years the Survey generated information from grass-root level through sustained research by its Head Office at Kolkata and also its seven Regional Centres, one Sub-regional Centre, one permanent field station and eight other field stations located in various parts of the country, besides a Camp Office at New Delhi.

During the Tenth Plan following National Projects are being studied namely, Cultural Dimension of Tourism in the Biosphere Reserve in addition to the locations of tourists interest.

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