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Before Departure from India

  • All persons, except nationals of Bhutan and Nepal, leaving by air, road or rail have to fill in an Embarkation Card at the time of departure.
  • Every foreigner who is about to depart finally from India must surrender his Certificate of Registration either to the Registration Officer of the place where he is registered or of the place from where he plans to depart or to the Immigration Officer at the Port / Check post of exit from India.
  • Obtain a No Objection Certificate from the University. The student has to clear all his dues such as hostel, mess charges, library dues etc. before this certificate is issued.
  • Submit an application on the appropriate form (i.e. mark sheet and proof of taking the examinations); it will be issued usually a week after the results are out
  • Submit a form in the university administration office for the original degree/diploma to be sent home- that can take up to two years.
  • Asking for a letter of recognition/recommendation/testimony from the student's professor(s), if required.
  • Obtaining an Income Tax Clearance Certificate from the concerned Income Tax Office. This is required to be given to the Indian Immigration Authorities at the time of departure. The Income Tax Certificate is given upon presentation of a "No Objection Certificate" from Institute / University.
  • The student should complete the customs' clearance form (obtaining from the Income Tax Office) after closing his bank account.
  • Obtain a written permission or 'no objection' to leave India from FRRO in the FRRO registration booklet.

Source: National Portal Content Management Team, Reviewed on:06-08-2012