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Sheep & Goat Development

According to Livestock census 2003, there are about 61.47 million sheep and 124.36 million goats in the country. About five million households in the country are engaged in the rearing of small ruminants (sheep & goats) and other allied activities.

Central Sheep Breeding Farm, Hissar (External website that opens in a new window) is engaged in production of acclimatized exotic/cross bred superior quality rams. During 2008-09, the farm supplied 613 rams and 95 bucks. A total of 44 farmers were trained in mechanical sheep shearing and 633 farmers were trained in sheep management.

Conservation of Threatened Breeds

The population of purebred animals of some of the small ruminants, equines, pigs and pack animal breeds has come down considerably and below 10,000 in some cases, which has brought such breeds to the category of threatened breeds in the country.

A new centrally sponsored scheme for conservation of such threatened breeds was started during Tenth Five Year Plan with a budget outlay of Rs.1500 lakhs. Farms/farmer's units in their respective breeding tract are established under the scheme with 100 per cent central assistance. The conservation projects are being implemented by State Governments, Universities and NGO's. During the Tenth Plan period conservation projects for 27 breeds were taken up.

Eleventh Plan allocation has been enhanced from Rs.16.00 crore to Rs.45.00 crore during 2008-09. Poultry and duck breeds would also be covered during XI Plan whose population is around 1000.

Allocation under the scheme during 2008-09 was Rs.1.90 crore against which Rs.194.95 lakh has been released up to March, 2009. The State of Gujarat has been assisted for conservation of Surti Goat (Rs.32.25 lakh), Kerala Livestock Development Board has been assisted for conservation of Attapaddy Goat (Rs.27.25 lakh) as well as Angamally Pig (Rs.9.20 lakh) and Government of Jammu and Kashmir has been assisted for conservation of Zanskari Pony (Rs.6.00 lakh). Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Ludhiana has been provided with Rs.30.00 lakh towards conservation of Beetal Goats and Rs.68.00 lakhs to the Govt. of Gujarat for conservation of Kachchhi Camel during 2008-09. NABCONS has been provided with Rs.2.25 lakh towards completion of evaluation of the performance of the scheme.

Meat Production/Processing and Export

There are 20 export-oriented modern abattoirs and 21 meat processing plants registered with Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority exporting raw meet (Chilled and frozen) to about 56 countries. During 2007-08, about 483478 M.T. Buffalo Meat and 8908.72 MT sheep/goat meat valued at Rs.3549.79 crore and Rs.134.09 crore respectively were exported. During April 2008 to February, 2009 Meat & its product worth Rs.4859 crores have been exported indicating 31.91% growth in rupee term.

Source: National Portal Content Management Team, Reviewed on: 07-01-2011