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Feed and Fodder Development

For the development of the production potentiality of our livestock, availability of nutritious feed and fodder is essential. To facilitate fodder availability, several regional Stations have been established in different agro climatic Zones of the country for production of high yielding varieties of fodder/fodder seed and transfer of scientific fodder production technology through training of officers/farms, demonstration of latest fodder agronomic practices and organization of farmer fairs. During 2008-09 these stations produced 212.50 MT of high yielding fodder variety seeds, conducted 6249 field demonstrations, organized 110 training programmes and 116 Farmer Fairs.

The Central Fodder Seed Production Farm located at Hessairghatta (Karnataka) working with the same objectives as of Regional Stations produced 66.01 MT fodder seeds of different varieties of grasses/legumes, conducted 605 field demonstrations, organized 12 training programmes and 12 farmers fairs. A Central Minikit Testing programme of fodder crops is under implementation for popularizing the high yielding fodder varieties on a large scale through Director Animal Husbandry of States. During 2008-09, 6.34 lakh minikits were allotted to the states for distribution to farmers free of cost.

Besides a centrally sponsored fodder Development Scheme is being implemented from 2005-06 for establishment of Fodder Block making units, grass land development including grass reserve, fodder seed production and biotechnology research project, under which funds of Rs.924.91 lakh was released to various States during 2008-09.

In addition, Special Livestock Package for Suicide Prone Districts of Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala is implemented under which Rs.1382.00 lakhs was released during 2008-09 for Feed and Fodder Supply Programme and establishment of fodder Block making units.

Source: National Portal Content Management Team, Reviewed on: 07-01-2011