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India has a large range of varieties of fruit in its basket and accounts for 10 per cent of world's total fruit production. Mango, banana, citrus, pineapple, papaya, guava, sapota, jackfruit, litchi and grape, among the tropical and sub-tropical fruits, apple, pear, peach, plum, apricot, almond and walnut among the temperate fruits and aonla, ber, pomegranate, fig, phalsa among the arid zone fruits are important. India leads the world in the production of mango, banana, sapota and acid lime and in productivity of grapes per unit land area.

India is the largest producer of mango, banana, sapota and acid lime. About 39 per cent of world's mango and 23 per cent of world's banana is produced in the country. In grapes, India has recorded the highest productivity per unit area in the world. The overall production of horticultural crops registered an increase of 8.0 per cent during 2004-05 as compared to 2003-04. The percentage increase in fruit production has been to the tune of 1.5 per cent during the period.

Source: National Portal Content Management Team, Reviewed on: 07-01-2011