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Though flower cultivation has been practiced in India since times immemorial, floriculture has blossomed into a viable business only in recent years. The increased growing of contemporary cut flowers like rose, gladiolus, tuberose, carnation, etc., has led to their use for bouquets and arrangements for gifts, as well as decoration of both home and work place. A growing market, as a result of improvement in the general level of well being in the country and increased affluence, particularly among the middle class, has led to transformation of the activity of flower growing into a burgeoning industry. Availability of diverse agro-climatic conditions in this large country facilitates production of all major flowers throughout the year in some part or the other, and improved transportation facilities, have increased the availability of flowers all over the country.

India has made noticeable advancement in the production of flowers. Floriculture is estimated to cover an area of 1.14 lakh with a production of 6,70,000 MT of loose flowers and 13,009.3 million cut flowers.

Source: National Portal Content Management Team, Reviewed on: 07-01-2011