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Cellular Services

The country is divided into 19 (Nineteen) Telecom Circles Service areas and 4 (Four) Metro Service areas for the CMTS as well as UAS. The Chennai Metro and Tamil Nadu telecom Circle Service Areas have been merged for the new licences w.e.f. 15th September 2005. There are 5-8 access service providers in each service area. At present there are over 185.13 million (as on 30.06.2007) cellular subscribers and are growing at the rate of six to eight million per month. Presently, there are 60 CMTS licences. The Licence fee, which is in the form of revenue share, is 6 per cent/8 per cent/10 percent of the adjusted gross revenue, depending on the area of their operation.

Voice Mail/Audio Ex/Unified Messaging Service

New policy for Voice Mail/Audio Ex Service, in terms of NTP-1999 was announced in July 2001 by incorporating a new service, namely, UMS is a system by with voice mails, fax and e-mails (all three) can be received from one mail box using telephone instrument, fax machine, mobile phones, internet browsers etc. Presently, eleven companies have 17 licences to provide these services in seven cities.

Policy for Public Mobile Radio Trunk Service

Policy for PMRTS in terms of NTP-1999 was announced on 1 November 2001. PSTN connectivity is also permitted to PMRTS service. Presently 15 companies are granted 45 licences to provide these services in 3 Metros & 10 Circles. The Licence fee, which is in the form of revenue share, is 5 per cent of the adjusted gross revenue.

Policy for Global Mobile Personal Communication by Satellite

Policy for grant of licence for GMPCS service in terms of NTP-1999 was finalized & announced on 2 November 2001.

The process of grant of GMPCS License is a very involved process. The application of GMPCS license containing the entire proposal is submitted to Law Enforcing Agency for Security Clearance. The LOI is issued after the proposal is cleared from security angle by an Inter-Ministerial Committee comprising of Secretary, Cabinet Secretariat, Defence Secretary, Home secretary, Secretary (Dept. of Space) and Director (Intelligence Bureau).

At present LOI for GMPCS license has been issued to one Applicant Company and the license is yet to be signed. The process also involved testing of the GMPCS Gateway and Earth Station with respect to Security Monitoring.

The Licence fee, which is in the form of revenue share, is 10 per cent of the adjusted gross revenue and entry fee is Rs.1 crore.

Other service providers

  • Registration of call centers (International & domestic), Network Operation Centres & Vehicle tracking Systems is being done under OSP category.
  • Over 2500 cases have so far been registered under OSP category at DoT HQ.
  • Registration of Call Centres under OSP Category and of Telemarketers under Telemarketing Category was earlier decentralized from DoT HQ to VTM Cells in 10 Circles w.e.f. 01.09.2007. Further w.e.f. 01.06.2008 the work has been decentralized to all VTMs. However, the CS Cell shall handle the policy issues of OSP and Telemarketers.
  • Recently, the OSP Registration Policy has been revised on 05.08.2008 and as per new policy; work from Home concept has been permitted for call center OSP's.

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