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Indian Navy

The Indian Navy (IN), by virtue of its capability, strategic positioning and robust presence in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR), has been a catalyst for peace, tranquility and stability in the IOR. It has engaged other maritime nations by extending hand of friendship and co-operation. For the smaller nations in our neighbourhood as well as nations that depend on the waters of the Indian Ocean for their trade and energy supplies, the Indian Navy ensured a measure of stability and tranquility in the waters around our shores. To achieve its tasks Indian Navy is enhancing its capabilities, cooperation and inter-operability with regional and extra regional navies

In order to augment the Indian Navy force level, a number of ships, submarines, survey vessels, auxiliary support vessels etc. are under construction in India and abroad. The indigenous Aircraft carrier is also under construction at CSL, Kochi.

The firing of Beyond Visual Range (BVR) Derby Missile has been conducted successfully. Six UH3H utility helicopters have been inducted in the service. Intensive Flying Training Unit (IFTU) for UH3H helicopters has been set up. The unit was commissioned as Indian Naval Air Squadron (INAS) 350 on March 23, 2009.

In continuation with the policy of enhancing co-operation with foreign navies, a series of exercises were conducted. This included MILAN 08, SIMBEX 08, INDINDO Copat, KONKAN 08, VARUNA 08, IBSAMAR, HABUNAG 08, MALABAR 08 etc.

Indigenously built INS Kesari was commissioned into the Indian Navy in April 2008. Two Water Jet - Fast Attack Crafts Chetlat and Car Nicobar were commissioned into the Indian Navy in February 2009.

Recruitment in Navy

Recruitment of Officers through Non-UPSC Entries: Recruitment for the Non-UPSC entries is made through Service Selection Board interviews for the following Branches/ Cadres of the Navy:-

  • Recruitment through NCC: Under this scheme University Graduates holding NCC 'C' certificates with minimum 'B' grading are eligible to apply. The short listed candidates are then sent for SSB interviews.
  • Executive Branch: Short Service Commission for Air Traffic Control/Law/ Logistic/Naval Armament Inspectorate (NAI)/Hydro cadres/ Aviation/ Observer and Permanent Commission for Law/NAI Cadres.
  • Engineering Branch (Including Naval Architects): Short Service Commission through University Entry Scheme (UES), Special Naval Architects Entry Scheme (SNAES) Short Service Commission (E) Scheme and Permanent Commission through 10+2 (Tech) Scheme.
  • Electrical Branch: Short Service Commission through University Entry Scheme, SSC (L) Schemes and Permanent Commission through 10+2 (Tech) Scheme.
  • Education Cadre: Permanent Commission and Short Service Commission schemes exist for this branch.
  • 10+2 (Tech) Scheme: The Scheme is a Permanent Commission entry for commission in the Engineering and Electrical branches of the Indian Navy. Under the scheme, candidates with 10+2 (PCM) qualification, after selection through the Services Selection Board, are sent to the Naval Academy for the Naval Orientation Course. Thereafter, they undergo a four-year Engineering course at INS Shivaji/ Valsura.
  • University Entry Scheme (UES): Under UES Final and Pre-Final year Engineering students are eligible for induction into the technical Branches/Cadres of the Navy. Naval selection teams from the IHQ of MoD (Navy) and Command Headquarters visit AICTE approved engineering colleges, across the country, to shortlist the candidates. The short listed candidates, based on All India Merit, are called for interview at the Services Selection Board.
  • Women Officers: Women are being inducted into the Navy, as Short Service Commission (SSC) officers in the Executive (ATC, Law & Logistic Cadres), Education Branch and the Naval Architecture Cadre of the Engineering Branch. Indian Navy has also introduced SSC (Observer) entry scheme for women also w.e.f. July, 2008.
  • Permanent Commission to SSC Officers (Men and Women): Permanent Commission would be granted to SSC officers of Education, X/Law and E/Naval Constructor Cadres for batches being inducted with effect from January 2009 onwards
  • Recruitment of Sailors: Recruitment of sailors in the Navy is carried out after the process of a written examination, physical fitness test and medical examination.

Types of Entries of Sailors: The various entries, for recruitment of sailors, are as follows:

  • Artificer Apprentices (AAs)-10+2 (PCM).
  • Direct Entry (Diploma Holders) [DE (DH)]-Diploma in Mechanical/ Electrical/ Electronics/ Production/ Aeronautical/ Metallurgy/ Shipbuilding.
  • Senior Secondary Recruits (SSR)-10+2 (Sc.).
  • Matric Entry Recruits (MR), for recruitment of Cooks, Stewards and Musicians-Matriculation.
  • Non Matric Recruit (NMR), for recruitment of Topass Sailors (Safaiwala)-Class VI.
  • Direct Entry Petty Officer (Outstanding Sportsmen).

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