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Territorial Army

The Territorial Army (External website that opens in a new window) is a voluntary, part-time citizen's Army. The conceptual framework or the Territorial Army is based on the fundamental idea that it should exist for war-time employment, and should be maintainable at the lowest cost during peace time. The concept encompasses the employment of disciplined, dedicated and a low cost force of gainfully employed citizens from all walks of life to supplement and augment the resources of the regular Army. These citizens on joining the Territorial Army undergo a short period of rigorous training, which makes them reasonably competent soldiers. Subsequently, they join their units for two months every year for refresher training, to keep in touch with the art of soldiering.

Infantry Battalions (TA) have been embodied for operational services since the raising of the force. Units of the Territorial Army have participated in all wars alongside the regular Army. In recent times, a maximum of 22 units were embodied in Operation Rakshak, Operation Vijay and Operation Parakram. Infantry Battalions (TA) have also been embodied for counter insurgency operations in North-East and Jammu and Kashmir. They have been utilised to maintain essential services like railways, oil supply and medical (departmental units) during emergencies. Some units have been organised for national development tasks in fields like ecology and afforestation and they have rendered commendable services.

Source: National Portal Content Management Team, Reviewed on: 17-01-2011