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National Bal Bhawan

National Bal Bhavan (NBB) (External website that opens in a new window), New Delhi is an autonomous body fully funded by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, which was established in 1956 to provide opportunities of creative pursuits to children in the age group of 5-16 years. Objectives of the National Bal Bhavan are to enhance the creative potential of children and to inculcate in them scientific temper and a spirit to challenge, experiment, innovate and create. Smt. Indira Gandhi was the first Chairperson of National Bal Bhavan.

The National Bal Bhavan (NBB) has grown substantially and the Bal Bhavan movement has gained momentum over the years. At present there are 73 Bal Bhavans across the country which are affiliated to the NBB, as also 7 affiliated BBK's (Bal Bhavan Kendras) in U.P. and West Bengal.

With the objective of reaching out to the maximum number of children who cannot avail the facilities provided by the NBB at the headquarters, 52 Bal Bhavan Kendras have been opened in different localities of Delhi. These Kendras cater to the under-privileged children living in slum areas, rural areas, re-settlement colonies, Balika Grihas, etc., and are manned by part-time instructors. There is also a rural Centre at Mandi village which caters to children of nearby villages like Mandi, Jonapur, Gandaipur, Sultanpur, etc.

Objectives of National Bal Bhavan (NBB) are achieved through many activities encompassing a wide spectrum of subjects like science, creative arts and crafts, integrated activities, performing arts, photography, physical education, home management, literary activities, museum techniques and publication related activities. The National Training Resource Centre (NTRC) is a resource centre for imparting training to teachers and teacher trainers in creative activities. NTRC imparts training to primary teachers and trained graduate teachers.

The Bal shree scheme of National Bal Bhavan (NBB) honours exceptionally creative children in the fields of creative arts, creative performance, creative scientific innovations and creative writing. Children are selected for this honour every year after scrutiny at three levels - Local, Zonal and National. National Bal Bhavan, besides organising its own local, national and international level programmes, also deputes children's delegations to take part in Cultural Exchange Programmes in other Countries.

Source: National Portal Content Management Team, Reviewed on: 19-01-2011