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Teacher Education

Teacher Education Scheme

  1. Centrally sponsored scheme of Teacher Education was launched in 1987-88 with; inter alia, the following components:
    1. Establishment of District Institute of Education & Training (DIETs)-by upgradation of existing Elementary Teacher Education Institutions (ETEIs) wherever possible, and establishment of new DIET where necessary.
    2. Upgradation of selected Secondary Teacher Education Institutions (STETIs) into:
      1. Colleges of Teacher Education (CTEs)
      2. Institutes of Advanced Study in Education (IASEs)
    3. Strengthening of State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERTs)
  2. The Scheme was revised in 2003 and the revised guidelines were issued in January, 2004. the main objectives of the Teacher Education Scheme are as follows:
    1. Speedy completion of DIET/CTE/IASE/SCERT projects sanctioned but not completed up to the end of the IX Plan period.
    2. Making DIETs, IASEs sanctioned (and SCERTs strengthened) upto the IX Plan period, optimally functional and operational.
    3. Sanction and implementation of fresh DIET/CTE/IASE/SCERT projects to the extent necessary.
    4. Improvement in the quality of programmes to be undertaken by DIETs, etc. especially those of pre-service and in-service training, so as to enable them to effectively play their nodal role of improving quality of elementary and secondary education in their respective jurisdiction, as measured in terms of levels of learner achievements.
  3. Criteria for setting up of DIETs/District Resource Centre (DRC) are:
    1. One DIET for each district having a minimum of 2,500 teachers. If there is an existing Government ETEI in the district, it would be upgraded into a DIET. If no Government ETEI exists in the district, a new institution (DIET) will be established.
    2. District Resource Centres in districts with less than 2,500 teachers. If a Government ETEI exists in the district, it would be upgraded into a DRC Otherwise, a new DRC would be established in which case it would not conduct pre-service course.
    3. If in a district with more than 2,500 teachers, State Government whishes to establish a DRC in preference to a DIET, it would be able to do so.
  4. In order to make proposals for the 11th Plan for Teacher Education, a sub-group under the chairmanship of Director, NCERT was set-up. Based on the recommendations of the sub-group, in addition to strengthening the existing provisions of the scheme, certain new schemes are proposed to be incorporated during 11th Plan:
    1. Augmenting teacher education capacity in SC/ST and minority areas (Block Institutes of Teacher Education)
    2. Professional Development of in-service Elementary and Secondary Teachers.
      1. Training of untrained teachers and para-teachers.
      2. In-service training and subject knowledge upgradation of practicing teachers.
    3. Professional development of teacher educators.
      1. Refresher courses.
      2. Fellow-ship programme.
    4. Support to NGOs.
    5. Special progamme for North-East.
    6. Technology in Teacher Education
    7. Integrating Elementary Teacher Education with Higher Education.
  5. During the current financial year i.e. 2007-08, a provision of Rs.500 crores has been made for the Teacher Education Scheme. Out of this, Rs.50 crores has been earmarked for North Eastern Region

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