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Plant Biotechnology

Support continued during the year for research and development projects on forestry, horticulture and plantation crops. The thrust of the activities was on plant tissue culture for mass multiplication of desired planting material, use of molecular markets for characterization of genetic diversity and superior accessions with reference to identified desirable traits, molecular biology tools for production of improved varieties through transgenic and molecular breeding approaches. The population genetic structure and diversity in Himalayan pines is also being analysed. Molecular tools were also used for genome evaluation and characterization. Projects in the area of horticulture crops focused mainly on production of disease free quality planting material, improvement of crops, with specific reference to extended shelf life and genetic characterization studies.

A brainstorming session was organized on improvement of forest based resources including both timber and non-timber through biotechnological interventions and programmes are being developed for pinus and Eucalyptus. Potato, onion, brinjal and okra have been identified and programmes have been supported. Public Private Partnership model is also being explored. Demonstration projects were supported to programmes under which protocols have been developed. Under the National Mission on bamboo, demonstration programmes have been supported in different states with a target to complete 1000 ha by next year. Project to study the signal transaction cascade events for biotic and abiotic stress, hormones, light, etc. were supported. An International Solanaceae Genome initiative was launched. Both structural and functional genomics studies are being supported. Public Private Model has been worked out and projects in the area of Biofuels are being supported to the industry.

Source: National Portal Content Management Team, Reviewed on: 09-02-2011