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Animal Biotechnology

Efforts continued for the improvement of animal productivity, development of newer animal vaccines and diagnostics, molecular characterization of indigenous breeds of livestock and development of animal by-products. New programmes were initiated in the area of animal nutrition and development of newer animal vaccines. Standards were developed for estimation of mycotoxins in animal feed and distributed to various laboratories for routine analysis.

A novel and potent anthrax vaccine which includes mutants of legal factor and edema factor was developed which provides better efficacy in vivo. An attenuated buffalo pox virus vaccine was developed and its field trial is underway. Vaccines for Rabies, Clostridium, Hemorrhagic septicemia, Foot and Mouth disease. Bovine brucellosis, Bovine tuberculosis etc. are in various stages of development. Phage display technique was used as an alternative to hybridoma to produce mono specific antibodies against recombinant gag antigen of Bovine Immunodeficiency Virus. Diagnostics for paste des petites virus and buffalo pox virus were developed and validated successfully.

A RT-PCR assay was standardized for specific detection of Border disease virus and a nested PCR was also developed for differentiation of Border disease virus. Bovine viral diarrhea virus 1 and 2. Multicentric programme on Buffalo Genomics was implemented with focus on identification of genes of economic importance. Structural and functional aspects of 3D scaffold of bovine origin for cardio myocyte culture are being studied. Effects are also on to develop biomaterial of bovine origin for reconstruction surgery in animals.

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