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Screening of silkworm germplasm for baculovirus resistance in silkworm (Bomby mori) has resulted in identification of three each of bivoltine and multivoltine strains under a network project. Microsatellite analysis carried out in muga silkworm (Antheraea assama) populations indicate genetic variability in hill populations as compared to plain area populations. A Bombyx mori gene that code for antiviral protein has been partially characterized. A collaborative project has been initiated on epidemiology, spatial and temporal dynamics of diseases of muga silkworm. Under the Indian initiative on International Consortium on Lepidopteran Genome Project, functional annotation of unique putative genes of muga silkworm has been carried out. A total of 67 mulberry accessions have been conserved in vitro and 238 accessions have been successfully cry preserved. Field evaluation of mulberry transgenics (with HVA-1 gene) for abiotic stress tolerance has been initiated. A few epicuticular wax related gene fragments having homology with Arabidopsis have been cloned from mulberry. Under a network project, screening of mulberry germplasm for disease response to powder mildew, tukra and nematode has been completed. A new programme on biotechnology in tasar sericulture has been recently initiated in collaboration with Central Silk Board.

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