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Bioengineering has been identified as a potential area of research by the Department. In order to identify priority areas, create road map, strengthen R&D activities and infrastructure for bioengineering research in the country, the Department organized a number of brainstorming meetings. The key areas identified are: tissue engineering, biomaterials for therapeutics, medical devices, bioinstrumentation and biosensors. A number of workshops were organized in the identified areas. Brainstorming meetings were also organized on "Devices and equipment for maternal, new born and child health care" and "Indigenous production of surfactants for the treatment of premature babies". It was felt that there is a need to initiate mission mode programmes at institutions having adequate facilities in collaboration with the industry; to strengthen R&D activities for the development of biomaterials especially for drug delivery, cellular/molecular imaging technology; disposable biosensors at low cost for rapid diagnosis of diseases, MEMS biosensor using multi-parameter approach; fabrication of medical devices and bio-instruments, development of implants, etc. As an outcome, several network groups of clinicians and basic researchers have been formed. Multicentric projects have been generated and implemented in the key areas of bioengineering. A separate task force has been constituted to consider projects in this area.

Source: National Portal Content Management Team, Reviewed on: 09-02-2011