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Human Genetics and Genome Analysis

The Human Genetics & Genome Analysis programme which is under implementation since 1990-91 has established major infrastructure to pursue post genomic research activities in the country and also to keep pace with international efforts to exploit the available human, animal and microbial genomics available in public domain. A total of 21 genetic diagnosis-cum-counselling units established since 1991-92 provide continuous patients services in the country to affected families to reduce common genetic disorder/disease burden. So far more than one lakh families got benefited from these units and saved foreign exchange by providing diagnostic services in the country. In order to develop trained manpower in the area, the Government established four training centres (CMC-Vellore, AIIMS-New Delhi, IIH-Mumbai, and SGPGIMS-Lucknow) to train clinician scientists and technicians working at various medical colleges/institutions.

Several projects in the area of human genetics, human genome diversity, functional, structural, microbial, Biocomputing, pharmacogenomics, and clinical proteomics were implemented involving a large number of clinicians, molecular geneticists and anthropologists. A strategy plan/roadmap document for the 11th Plan was prepared to initiate major programmes in human genetics and genomic network projects including genetic education in the country.

Source: National Portal Content Management Team, Reviewed on: 09-02-2011