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Microbial and Industrial Biotechnology

The technologies for production and application of various enzymes having industrial importance such as keratinase, pullulanases, cellulose, lactase, protease etc. have been developed. Emphasis has also been given on production of enzymes like hydrolase, L-asparaginase, phytase, chitinase etc. and medicinally important fungal products such as fumagillin, lovastatin and Ezetimibe. The new projects relevant to health sector are focused on development of a novel vesicular drug delivery system for psoriasis and biochip based diagnostics for detection of genetic diseases. Projects on hyper production of dyes/pigments from selected lower fungi for application in textile dyeing industry, development of membrane bioreactor for the synthesis of structured lipids, preparation of an amperometric biosensor for determination of triglycerides, development of immunodiagnostic kit for the detection of Karnal bunt in wheat lots, production of wine from mango, and design and optimisation of a circulating fluidised bed biomass gasifier have been implemented. Thrust areas have been identified for implementation as net work programmes/mission mode projects for implementation during the 11th Plan. Besides the identified thrust areas, proposals with novel/innovative ideas for product related discovery science and product development were invited from prospective investigators through a Call for Proposals.

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