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Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises:
Illustrative List of Small Scale Service & Business (Industry related) Enterprises
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An industry related service/business enterprise with investment up to Rs. 1 million (w.e.f. September 2000) in fixed assets, excluding land and building, is treated as an Small Scale Service/ Business Enterprise.

List of the activities which are recognised as Small Scale Service and Business (Industry Related) Enterprises (SSSBEs) - As on 1st January, 2002:-:-  

  • Advertising Agencies

  • Marketing Consultancy

  • Industrial Consultancy

  • Equipment Rental & Leasing

  • Typing Centres

  • Photocopying Centres

  • Industrial Photography

  • Industrial R& D Labs

  • Industrial Testing Labs

  • Desk Top Publishing

  • Internet Browsing/Setting up of Cyber Cafes

  • Auto repair, services and garages

  • Documentary Films on themes like Family Planning, Social forestry, energy conservation and commercial advertising

  • Laboratories engaged in Testing of Raw Materials, Finished Products

  • "Servicing Industry" undertakings engaged in maintenance, repair, testing or electronic/electrical equipment/instruments i.e. measuring/control instruments, servicing of all types of vehicles and machinery of any description including televisions, tape recorders, VCRs, Radios, Transformers, Motors, Watches, etc

  • Laundry and Dry Cleaning

  • X-Ray Clinic

  • Tailoring

  • Servicing of agriculture farm equipment e.g. Tractor, Pump, Rig, Boring Machine, etc

  • Weigh Bridge.

  • Photographic Lab

  • Blue Printing and enlargement of drawing/designs facilities

  • ISD/STD Booths

  • Teleprinter/Fax Services

  • Sub-Contracting Exchanges (SCXs) established by Industry Associations

  • EDP Institutes established by Voluntary Associations/Non-Government Organisation

  • Coloured, Black and White studios equipped with processing laboratory

  • Ropeways in hilly areas

  • Installation and operation of Cable T.V. Network

  • Operating EPABX under franchises

  • Beauty Parlours and Creches
List of the activities which are not recognised as Small Scale Service and Business (Industry Related) Enterprises (SSSBEs):-
  • Transportation

  • Storage (except cold storage which is recognised as SSI)

  • Retail/Wholesale Trade Establishments

  • General Merchandized Stores

  • Sale Outlets for industrial components

  • Health Services including Pathological Laboratories

  • Legal Services

  • Educational Services

  • Social Services

  • Hotels

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