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The Business Portal of India has a well structured navigation pattern that enables the users to surf and get around the portal with ease. The breadcrumb trail at the top of every page helps you trace your path and location.

Left-hand Navigation Bar: On the left side of every page on the 'Business Portal of India', you can see the main modules, along with their respective sub modules. Clicking on the sub modules may take you to the web page containing detailed information on a particular aspect of the main module. For example, the module Starting a Business has ten sub modules under it including Creating a Business Plan, Making a Product Choice, Setting up Infrastructure and others.

Quick Menu: On top left side of every page on the 'Business Portal of India', the pull down button showcases all the fourteen main modules on the portal. So, from any page if you want to visit any of the main modules or the home page, click at the 'Quick Menu' link and further click at the desired main module.

Right-hand Navigation Bar: For some of the sub modules, the right side navigation lists the sub sections under that sub-module. These sub sections at the right side of the page further lead to detailed information on some of the vital aspects of the sub-modules. For example, sections like Choosing a Product, Industry Specific Agencies, Products for Small Scale Units, Major Industry Clusters of India further elucidate the sub module Making a Product Choice.

For getting back to the sub-module page from its sub section, click on the 'previous' button, that is on the top right side of the web page, below the header.

Frequently Asked Questions: 'Frequently Asked Questions' is one of the fourteen major modules of the 'Business Portal of India'. The section has been categorised on the basis of other thirteen modules of the portal and once you click on a particular module on the FAQ page, various links to major bodies and organisations regulating and affecting the business market in India, will appear. Clicking on a particular set of FAQs may take to you to the site of a particular body.

Bottom Navigation Bar: Further, at the bottom of each page, you'll see another set of navigation links to the major areas listed on the left menu. These are customer support links that help you know and connect to the portal in a better way.

Tickers and Graph: On the Business Portal of India, the business data has been represented in the form of tickers and graph. It contains updated and relevant information on India's business and investment scenario, relating to the items like Bullion, Inflation rate (Wholesale Price Index - WPI) and Exchange Rate. The values of Gold and Silver (Bullion) are updated everyday, as per the change in the market. Inflation or WPI rates are announced once in a week. While, the exchange rates are updated everyday, subject to the changes on a regular basis.

On a single ticker, three items like bullion, inflation and exchange are shown in the form of drop-down options. Visitors of the site need to select the required option to view the content. Similarly, on one graph, three types of information have mentioned as Gold, Silver and WPI. Visitors of the site need to select the relevant option to view the information on the concerned topic.

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Sections of this Portal

Starting a Business: Starting a business is like planting a seed that needs to be nurtured colossally at the initial stages so that it can grow in a flourishing manner. The section gives you detailed information on setting up you own business from formulating a business plan to arranging infrastructure and hiring human resource.

Managing a Business: The success of every business venture depends on the management of the business that is a dynamic and on going process. Read this section to acquaint yourself with the technical, the human and the conceptual business management skills, vital for every entrepreneur.

Doing Business Aboard: To explore the international markets for business expansion, one needs to have a profound understanding of the overseas investment polices, the legal concerns involved, varied investment routes and similar fundamental issues. The section provides you with information on how to start, sustain and grow your business across the globe.

Legal Aspects: Every business has to work within a legal framework set by up by the government. So, legal know-how and adherence to all legal business acts and regulations is indispensable for the functioning of every business organisation. The section explains the major business acts and laws set up by the Government of India relating to running a business within and/or outside the country.

Investment Opportunities and Incentives: With high prospects for growth and profit potentialities in practically all areas of business, like in tourism, information technology (IT) and agricultural sector, India is making it big in the global market. Read this section to know about the national level and state level investment opportunities that Indian Business market offers.

Trade: Being up-to-date by keeping a tab on the national and overseas trade policies is the key to success in the business arena. Visit this section to get links to Ministry of Commerce And Industry that showcase the latest trade statistics, international trade trends, foreign trade polices and major agreements affecting the national and the global business markets.

Industry and Services: India excels in both the industrial as well as the service sector. Her vast domestic market, skilled and technical manpower as well as low production and R&D costs have been making India a manufacturing hub. Read more about the major industries and service sectors operating in India.

Growing a Business: The ultimate goal of every business is profit maximisation and the profit of a business is directly proportional to its growth in terms of goodwill, market reach and sales. Surf though this section to know how an entrepreneur can make use of the various alternatives available to him to ensure steady growth of his business.

Business Financing: Be it starting a business, sustaining it or expanding it, at every stage of a business life cycle, funds and monetary support are required for carrying out various activities. Learn how to acquire funds for your business from various sources like banks, capital market, financial and non-financial intuitions, etc. and also get an overview of the Indian financial system, set up by the Government of India.

Closing or Changing a Business: When an entrepreneur is unable to profitably grow and expand the business on a sustained basis, s/he may have to take a decision of either restructuring the business or closing it. For both closing a business and changing its type, every entrepreneur is required to follow the basic regulatory requirements framed by the Government that mentioned in this section.

Infrastructure: Go through this section to get an insight into India's enormous unmet infrastructure needs that combined with the public private partnership approach, offer an unprecedented investment opportunity for the private players.

Indian Economy: Have a look at the various studies, reports and surveys that indicate the present performance of the Indian economy and also helps an entrepreneur in predicting and forecasting its future growth prospects.

Taxation: Subsequent to the economic reforms, the tax structure of the country has under gone a radical change, in line with the liberal policy. Surf the section to know about the diverse taxation policies and the changes in the tax system including rationalization of tax structure; progressive reduction in peak rates of customs duty; reduction in corporate tax rate; customs duties to be aligned with ASEAN levels and others.

Frequently Asked Questions: Clear your apprehensions and doubts on various issues regarding your business and the business atmosphere that India offers. The section provides links to major bodies affecting and regulating the Indian business market and their answers to some of the most frequently asked questions that may help you do better to achieve your business goals.

Help us enhance: Help us enhance what more you would like to see on the 'Business Portal of India'. If you feel that something is missing in a particular module, sub-module or section, click on the option 'Help us enhance' on the right navigation. Further, enter your suggestions about that section, your name and e-mail id. We'll be happy to receive your suggestions and feedback.

Feedback: Your feedback is valuable in ascertaining whether the 'Business Portal of India' is doing well in catering to your every cognitive need about the business showground. Share your observations, concerns and suggestions with us so that we can serve you in the best way possible.

Suggest to a Friend: If you are impressed with the content, lay out, design and other specifications of the 'Business Portal of India', suggest this portal to your friend.

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Using Search Facility

The search facility helps you find what you are looking for on the 'Business Portal of India' in a fraction of seconds. All you need to do is type a phrase or keyword in the Search box and press enter. All the documents related to that keyword or phrase will get displayed in descending order of the typed keyword density.

Search Tips
  • When searching, don't enter plural forms such as "Sectors" because the server will only find documents with sectors (plural) in the title or keywords. If you enter sector (singular), the server will list entries with both sector and sectors.
  • All searches are case-insensitive. That is, words are looked for regardless of capitalization.
  • If you want to include the reserved words (and, or, not) or reserved characters ( <, >, ( , ), " ) in your search, you must enclose the phrase in double-quote marks. For example, the criteria "truth or consequences" treats the word or as part of the phrase you are searching for rather than instructing the server to search for either the word truth or the word consequences.
  • In a query a question mark (?) is a wildcard character representing any letter or number. For example, searching for t?p matches any of the words tap, tip, and top.
  • Wildcard character asterisk (*) matches any group of characters. For example, searching for comp* finds documents containing any word starting with the letters comp, such as computer, company, or comptroller.
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Accessing PDF Files

A lot of Documents, Reports and Forms provided on this Portal are in the Portable Document Format (PDF).

Portable Document Format (PDF) is the published specification used by standards bodies around the world for more secure, reliable electronic document distribution and exchange. PDF documents can be shared, viewed, and printed by anyone, on any system, using free Adobe Reader software — regardless of the operating system, original application, or fonts.

To open a .PDF file you have two options. You can download the software 'Adobe Acrobat Reader' and install it onto your computer. The software is available free of charge from the Adobe Acrobat site and a link to download the same has been placed below.

The second option is to use an online .PDF conversion tool. Visit the Adobe Acrobat website (link to the relevant page given below), type in the address of a .PDF file and get it to translate the file into a more readable format while you wait. Or you can email the address of the file (or the file itself) to Adobe, and they will email a translation back. These translations of the files may not be as clearly formatted as the original PDF file.

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Viewing Webcast

On this Portal, you shall find links to Live/On-Demand Webcast of a lot of important National and International Events such as Conferences, Addresses to the Nation by the President/Prime Minister, Festival Celebrations, Budget Speech by the Finance Minister etc. In order to view these webcasts, you need to download and install the Real Player Software which is available free of charge through the link given below

Broadband or some other form of high speed access is not necessarily required in order to view webcasts as these are designed to work for anybody using a 56k, or faster, modem.

Please Note:
Disclaimer : If you click on a hyperlink given in any portion of this Portal and a new browser window opens with this symbol on the top right corner, it implies that the Page you are visiting is outside ''. The contents on such a page are owned and maintained by the respective Department and '' or NIC is not responsible for their currency and/or accuracy.

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