Watershed Development Programme: Odisha

Details of Watershed Development Programme
Name of the SchemeWatershed Development Programme
Sponsored byBoth: Central & State Government
Funding PatternDepending upon the ecosystem and major problems faced by different districts or blocks, each Watershed Development Project shall be eligible for funds as per the funding pattern for the whole project period. Department of land resources, Government of India may extend the project period in deserving cases without enhancement of cost and reduction of work components.
DescriptionThe watershed approach has conventionally aimed at treating degraded lands with the help of low cost and locality accessed technologies such as in situ soil and moisture conservation measures, afforestation etc. and through a participatory approach that seeks to secure close involvement of the user communities. The broad objective was the promotion of the overall economic development and improvement of the socio economic conditions of the resource poor sections of people inhabiting the programme areas. The objectives of Watershed Development Project are - (1)developing wastelands or degraded lands, drought prone and desert areas on watershed basis, keeping in view the capability of land, site conditions and local needs; (2)Promoting the overall the economic development and improving the socio-economic condition of the resource poor and disadvantaged sections inhabiting the programmes areas; (3)Mitigating the adverse effects of the extreme climatic conditions.
Other BeneficiariesPoor sections of people inhabiting in the programme areas
Benefit TypeOthers,
Other Benefits Increas the productivity of the people.
Eligibility criteriaPoor sections of the people who are part of this programmes are eligible for this scheme.
How to AvailTo avail this scheme, one can contact the District Rural Development Agencies, concerned NGOs, Self Help Groups, Departments, Directorates, Corporations.
Validity of the Scheme
Introduced On 01 / 04 / 1995
Valid Upto 01 / 01 / 2013
Reference URLhttp://www.orissa.gov.in/agriculture/ (External website that opens in a new window)

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