Western Ghat Development Programme: Maharashtra

Details of Western Ghat Development Programme
Name of the SchemeWestern Ghat Development Programme
Sponsored byCentral Government
Funding PatternState budget
Ministry/DepartmentRural Development and Water Conservation Department, Maharashtra
DescriptionThe scheme is implemented on community lands, as well as private lands in 11 districts, falling under the Western Ghats.
Benefit TypeMaterial,
Details The village community is benefited by making available grass, fodder, small timber, and wood for agricultural implements. Also, the groundwater recharge, and soil and moisture conservation are also achieved through this activity. Moreover, employment opportunities are also created. Whenever the programme is implemented on private land, all about benefits are accrued by the individual beneficiary.
Eligibility criteriaThe programme is implemented in the sanctioned watersheds in the Western Ghat Region in Maharashtra.
How to AvailWorks are undertaken in the sanctioned watershed only. Individual beneficiaries are selected by the Department in these watersheds only.
Validity of the Scheme
Introduced On 01 / 01 / 0007
Valid Upto 01 / 01 / 2012

Source: National Portal Content Management Team  (Maharashtra, 04-10-2007)