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Details of Technology Mission on Cotton (Mini Mission – III & IV)
Name of the SchemeTechnology Mission on Cotton (Mini Mission – III & IV)
Sponsored byCentral Government
Funding PatternUnder MM-III 60% of the cost of development is borne by the Government of India and the balance by the Agricultural Produce Marketing Committee (APMC) / State Government concerned. GOI assistance is limited to Rs. 1.50 crores for setting up of new yards and Rs. 0.90 crores for improvement of existing market yards. Under MM-IV, capital incentive @ 25% of the total cost of modernization / upgradation of Ginning and Pressing factory with a ceiling of Rs. 20 lakh per unit is borne by the GOI and the rest by the entrepreneur. Further, for installation of ‘new bale press’ and ‘HVI/MVI laboratories’, additional incentive of Rs 7 lakh and Rs. 4 lakh respectively has also been allowed.
DescriptionThe scheme aims at improving production, productivity and quality of cotton. The Mission comprises of four Mini Missions, which are jointly being implemented by the Ministries of Agriculture and Textiles. Ministry of Agriculture is nodal for the implementation of Mini Mission I and II responsible for Research and Development on cotton and Dissemination of Technology to farmers respectively. Whereas the Ministry of Textiles is the nodal agency for Mini Missions III & IV responsible for improvement in marketing infrastructure including improvement of the existing market yards and modernization of Ginning & Pressing factories respectively.
Other BeneficiariesCotton Growers & Small /Large G & P factories
Benefit TypeOthers,
Other Benefits Marketing / ginning/ Processing facilities
Details 1. Better yields of quality cotton marketed/ processed through developed market yards/ modernized factories, will augment the income of cotton growers.2. This will also improve/ ensure availability of quality cotton to domestic industries in required quantities which will lead to reduction in imports and increase in exports.3. Low imports and increased exports of cotton & its by-products means more foreign exchange for the country.Benefit for Ginneries from modernizationØ Premium price for Bales Rs.200 - Rs.1000 per candyØ Reputation, easy marketing of bales & faster turnoverØ Better clientele & quick paymentØ Extended ginning seasonØ Higher production speedØ No hassles of managing labourersØ Standard bale weight achievableØ Additional profit from Bale classification with HVI machine
Eligibility criteriaThe following units are eligible to apply for modernization:1. A Composite Unit intending condensation of machinery or civil infrastructure, or both;2. A ginning unit desirous of installing a bale press to make it a composite unit or a pressing unit interested in setting up ginning facility;3. A factory interested in capacity expansion by addition of more ginning machines.TMC insists on total modernisation. This means that after modernisation the factory should possess all Essential Machines and Essential Infrastructure and also satisfy all Essential Conditions. A unit proposing modernisation with TMC assistance should be willing to maintain all records and furnish all returns to the concerned authorities. It is also necessary that the Unit does not avail of assistance under TUF scheme or any other subsidy scheme of the Government of India.
How to AvailThey may also contact the Technology Mission on Cotton for details about the Scheme at the following address: The Chairman-cum-Managing Director, Technology Mission on Cotton(Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of India), The Cotton Corporation of India Limited, Kapas Bhavan 4th Floor, Plot No.3A,Sector-10, Post Box No.60, CBD Belapur,Navi Mumbai-400 614 Tel : (022) 27579217 Fax : (022) 27561427 Website: Email :
Validity of the Scheme
Introduced On 21 / 02 / 2000
Valid Upto 31 / 03 / 2010
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