Rural Infrastructure Development Fund (RIDF): Himachal Pradesh

Details of Rural Infrastructure Development Fund (RIDF)
Name of the SchemeRural Infrastructure Development Fund (RIDF)
Sponsored byState Government
Ministry/DepartmentDepartment of Agriculture
DescriptionThe Department of Agriculture is participating under RIDF programme financed by NABARD (90% Share by NABARD in shape of loan & 10% State Share up to Trenche-VII and onwards 95% share by NABARD and 5% State Share) since 1995-1996 and brief details of minor irrigation projects executed under various trenches are as under. Under RIDF-I, Agriculture Department has executed 15 No's Deep Tube Well Irrigation Schemes with an expenditure of Rs.312.90 lacs covering 612.00 hectare CCA. Similarly under RIDF-II, 12 No's Deep Tube Well Irrigation Schemes were executed by the Department with an expenditure of Rs 312.33 lacs covering 470 hectare CCA. Under RIDF-III and IV, Agriculture Department did not participate. Under RIDF-V, Department executed 157 Minor Irrigation Projects with an expenditure of Rs 147.14 lacs covering 3588.49 hectare CCA. Under RIDF-VI, Agriculture Department executed 140 Minor Irrigation Schemes with an expenditure of Rs 1091.95 lacs covering 3031.06 hectare CCA. Under RIDF-VII, Department of Agriculture executed 125 Minor Irrigation Schemes with an expenditure of Rs 779.22 lacs covering 2380.52 hectare CCA. Beside this Department also executed 90 community based Water Harvesting and Natural Resource Management Project in Hamirpur District with a expenditure of Rs.678.96 lacs covering CCA 6128.21 hectare. Under RIDF-VIII, Department did not participate. During RIDF-IX, 28 Minor Irrigation Schemes are executed with an expenditure of Rs 144.76 lacs covering CCA 390.62 hectare. Under RIDF-X, Department executed 60 Minor Irrigation Schemes with an expenditure of Rs.406.63 lacs having CCA 1025.31 hectare. During RIDF-XI, 68 Projects are executed with an expenditure of Rs.577.90 lacs covering CCA 1182.51 hectare. Under RIDF-XII, the NABARD has sanctioned 3 No's Tube wells, 5 No's Water Harvesting Structure and 53 Minor Irrigation Schemes amounting to Rs.633.67 lacs having CCA 987 hectare for the year 2006-2007.
Benefit TypeOthers,
Other Benefits Irrigation Facilities
Eligibility criteriaFarmer
How to AvailApproach the Directorate of Agriculture Krishi Bhawan, Boileauganj Shimla-171005 Himachal Pradesh and Deputy Director offices at District Headquarters
Validity of the Scheme
Introduced On 01 / 01 / 2006
Valid Upto 01 / 01 / 2012
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