Rodent Control: Manipur

Details of Rodent Control
Name of the SchemeRodent Control
Sponsored byCentral Government
Funding Pattern100% central sponsored
DescriptionUnder this Programme , emphasis is given on management of rodent infestation in the bamboo flowering areas. The major programme components covered under the rodent control are as under : i. Survey of bamboo ii. Human Resource development iii. Media and publicity iv. Rodent Pest Management
Other BeneficiariesSC/ST, OBC
Benefit TypeSubsidy,
Details Subsidy is available under the Scheme on various components including agriculture implements such as Plant Protection Equipments & Plant Protection Chemicals. Subsidy per farmer or per activity should not exceed 25% of the cost or the present subsidy level approved under the schemes, whichever is lower.
Eligibility criteriaAll Categories of Farmers
How to AvailSelection of beneficiaries to be done through recommendation of District Agriculture Officer

Source: National Portal Content Management Team  (Manipur, 30-05-2007)