Flood Protection Works: Himachal Pradesh

Details of Flood Protection Works
Name of the SchemeFlood Protection Works
Sponsored byState Government
Ministry/DepartmentIrrigation and Public Health Department, Himachal Pradesh
DescriptionThe flood prone area in the State is 2.31 lakh hectare. The Government is making strenuous efforts to protect private properties and culturable land by providing emergent Flood Protection measures in the shape of embankments, spurs and wire crates, etc. Upto March 2003, the department was able to protect an area of 11273 hectare from the fury of floods. District Una is situated on the bank of Swan River, which flows from North to West direction. This river is known as River of Sorrow during the monsoon season. The flood creates havoc in the District. Due to continuous silting, the bed of Swan River has risen constantly, due to which meandering action takes place. The width of the river has increased, and fertile land situated on both banks has turned barren due to silt deposits. Besides, some of the fertile land situated near the banks has been eaten away during the floods. Swan river has a total catchment area of 1200 Sq Km and has a length of 65 Kms in Himachal Pradesh. There are 73 tributaries in the catchment area. The catchment area mainly comprises loose fragile Shivalik hills with very little vegetative cover. During monsoons, the eroded material in the catchment area moves through the tributaries to the main Swan River. Approximately 10,000 ha. of agricultural land is affected by floods, and annually 2,000 ha. of fertile land is not being cultivated due to fear of floods. During the past 10-12 years, extensive damage to civil structures, properties, human life, and livestock has been taking place. The estimated loss to crops and property rose to the extent of about Rs. 15 crore per annum. The task of flood management of Swan River is therefore of utmost importance.
Eligibility criteriaCommunity group scheme
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Source: National Portal Co-ordinator  (Himachal Pradesh)