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Rural Indian

"India lives in its villages" - Mahatma Gandhi

This famous observation made by the Father of the Nation many years ago, still holds true. Villagers comprise the core of Indian society and also represent the real India. And it is for these villagers that we need to make sure we build a system that delivers basic social infrastructure in an effective manner. In order to ensure that the fruits of India's progress are shared by all sections of the society, the government has identified several elements of social and economic infrastructure, critical to the quality of life in rural areas. Well, before we discuss in detail about the services and facilities being planned and provided by the government, it's important to know what constitutes the rural sector in India.

What is rural sector or which place can be defined as rural area?

The "rural sector" means any place as per the "latest census (External website that opens in a new window)" which meets the following criteria,

  • A population of less than 5,000
  • Density of population less than 400 per sq km and
  • more than "25 per cent of the male working population" is engaged in agricultural pursuits.

What the government is doing for the rural sector?

The government has started many programmes aimed at improving the standard of living in villages or rural areas. To build rural infrastructure, the government launched a time-bound business plan for action called Bharat Nirman (External website that opens in a new window) in 2005. Under Bharat Nirman, action is proposed in the areas of Water Supply, Housing, Telecommunication and Information Technology, Roads, Electrification and Irrigation.

This section of the National Portal is exclusively designed to give complete information to the villagers of India, not only about the various services, facilities and opportunities available, but also details of how to benefit from them, including a list of Online Services available. Be it applying for loans, or knowing how to protect crops, or how to find the nearest hospital for health check-up and how to find the nearest school for one's children; information about schemes for the promotion of rural industry; provision of basic infrastructure facilities in rural areas e.g. schools, health facilities, roads, drinking water, electrification; government assistance to individual families and Self Help Groups (SHG) living below poverty line, every small and big detail can be found here. Information of interest has been classified under the following heads:-

Source: National Portal Content Management Team, Reviewed on: 05-07-2012