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Nagar Palikas

India is a demesne of twenty eight States and seven Union Territories. With the growing population and urbanisation in various cities of India, urban local bodies have been set up that aid in providing essential community services like health centres, educational institutes, and matters related to housing, property tax and so on.

The Municipal Corporation plays a very significant role in city administration and it is headed by a Municipal Commissioner, who has all the executive powers.

A Municipal Corporation has to work hand in hand with the State Government, for the effective execution of various plans and programmes set up for the benefit of the common man and also carve out a better and planned city.

A Municipal Corporation in India, formed under the Corporations Act of 1835 of Panchayati Raj system, is responsible for providing essential services in every small town as well as village of a district/city. It caters to their daily problems and provides the convenient services to the people, holding a central importance in the state.

The largest corporations are in the four metropolitan cities of India. Mumbai has the largest Municipal Corporation, which is followed by Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai. These metropolitan cities not only have a large population, but are also the administrative as well as commercial centres of the country.

This section of the National Portal of India brings to you detailed information on the organisational structure, elections, roles and functions of the Municipal Corporations. Also, you will find a list of various citizen centric Services offered by the Municipal bodies across the States.

Source: National Portal Content Management Team, Reviewed on: 10-06-2011