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World Health Day 2012
Best of Health to All!

Health is Wealth!

A healthy mind lives in a healthy body!

With a surge in medical breakthroughs and development of new wonder drugs, diseases which proved to be fatal a few years ago, are being treated with much ease now. These 'wonder drugs' or 'miracle drugs' are developed with Antimicrobial agents that boost treatment of infectious diseases.

Often, antibiotics are administered to patients with bacterial infections. But antibiotics kill a large proportion of various bacteria instead of killing only the bacteria that are responsible for the disease. And, antibiotics are being prescribed by medical practitioners as in most of the cases the micro-organism, which is responsible for the infection, is not known. Misuse of antibiotics promotes emergence of resistant bacteria known as Antimicrobial resistance which is the ability of certain micro-organisms to withstand attack by antimicrobials. And, its uncontrolled rise threatens lives and wastes limited healthcare resources.

Concerned with the global spread of antimicrobial resistance, the United Nations has decided to commemorate this year's World Health Day, 7th April, to create awareness against the threat and draws worldwide attention on the theme.

The World Health Organization (WHO) will conduct public awareness campaign including a special focus on the HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria epidemics. The world body will call on governments and stakeholders to implement the policies and practices needed to prevent and counter the emergence of highly resistant super bugs, and to also provide appropriate care to those seriously affected by these microbes.