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United Nations in the Service of the Common Man(Reprint)

United Nations in the Service of the Common Man(Reprint)

Category: Information and Broadcasting

Author: Manoj Pandey Onkar Kedia

Subject: New Arrivals

Language: English

Hardbound: Rs.75.00

United Nations has completed over 60 years of its existence. During this journey, it has helped the inter national community fight poverty, natural disasters and environmental degradation, maintain peace, improve health facilities and manage population growth. But what is little understood and appreciated is that it has also helped improve the lot of the common man.

The present book seeks to fill up this gap. With the help of real-life examples, it shows how the activities of the United Nations has made the world a better place for the common man to live in. The text is to the point, lucidly written and supported with photographs. While the focus has been kept firmly on the common man, important factual details have not been ignored.

The book will serve as an excellent introductory text to the students of UN studies. It will also be useful to those who are eager to learn about little-known dimensions of the world body.

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Source: Publications Division (External Website that opens in a new window), Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Government of India