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Indian Navy a Perspective

Indian Navy a Perspective

Category: Information and Broadcasting

Author: Dr. Baldeo Sahai

Subject: New Arrivals

Language: English

Hardbound: Rs.300.00

The book delves into the Indian maritime tradition and establishes its extent, richness and antiquity. It traces the growth of the Indian Navy under British rule through its avatars as the Bombay Marine, the Royal Indian Navy and ultimately through Independence and Republic in 1950, to the modern Indian Navy.

Dr. Sahai, the author of this book says that the history of the Indian Navy actually began not in 1830 AD but in the sixth century BC when a prince of Gujarat set sail to subjugate Java and when a prince of Sangha Dynasty in Odisha too sailed with his fleet to Sri Lanka.

Many aspects of Indian Navy are discussed in a simple and lucid manner. The book with illustrations, maps, sketches, line drawings and colour photographs will be a valuable collector's item for those interested in the Indian Navy.

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Source: Publications Division (External Website that opens in a new window), Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Government of India