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Yug Pursh Sardar Swaran Singh (Punjabi)

Author: Dr. Mohammad Idris

Subject: Land and People

Language: Punjabi

Paper Binding: Rs.155

Sardar Swaran Singh was a great Parliamentarian who upheld the values, dignity and honour of the House for over 24 years. His contribution towards nation building is enormous. His role in the formulation and implementation of the country's defence and foreign policies is unparalleled. Swaran Singh's conduct was always dignified and he served the country with dedication and commitment. With his wisdom and sagacity, he distinguished himself in all the positions he occupied in his illustrious life. Secular outlook, simplicity and diligence were the hallmarks of Sardar Swaran Singh's personality.

Dr. Idris teaches History at Punjabi University, Patiala. Yug Pursh Sardar Swaran Singh - a biography by Dr. Mohammad Idris, would serve as a reference source to scholars and common readers alike. Dr. Idris has also got Punjab State award for Literature and Social Service in 2010.

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