Strengthening of Database and Information Networking for the Fisheries Sector Scheme: Odisha

Details of Strengthening of Database and Information Networking for the Fisheries Sector Scheme
Name of the SchemeStrengthening of Database and Information Networking for the Fisheries Sector Scheme
Sponsored byBoth: Central & State Government
Funding PatternThe central assistance consists of 100 percent grant in aid to State Governments or UT Administration for all the components of the scheme.
Ministry/DepartmentFisheries & Animal Resources Development
DescriptionCentrally Sponsored Scheme on Strengthening of Database and Information Networking for the Fisheries Sector is a part of both the central government and the Government of Orissa. The main objective of this scheme is to improve the database of inland and marine fishery resources and catch of fish by adoption of standardized methodology of data collection through sample survey. This survey is done through estimation of inland fishery resources like ponds, tanks, lakes, reservoirs, rivers, lagoons, estuaries, etc. in inland as well as marine areas in all States or UTs. It also aims to improve the Information Technology System in the States or UT as well as the National Level Fishery Institutes so that data collection and their analysis can be done efficiently and effectively.
Other BeneficiariesFishermen
Benefit TypeMaterial,
Details Capture and culture of fish are important occupations in the country pursued since time immemorial. Over the period, fishery sector has become vibrant in terms of generating employment to a large segment of the society, contribution to national food security and foreign exchange earnings. With a view to gather detailed information on fishery resources, production, socio-economic condition of fisherfolk and other aspects for future policy formulation, this scheme on strengthening of databases in the fisheries sector has been restructured and put in place for the 10th Plan. This scheme covers different components, they are, 1. Catch Assessment Surveys on Inland Fisheries :- This component is entrusted to Central Inland Fisheries Research Institute, ICAR, Barrackpore, West Bengal, which is responsible for standardization of concepts, definitions and methodology for collecting fisheries statistics and training of staff concerned therewith. The resource and catch assessment surveys would be continued for ponds and reservoirs by extending the coverage to more districts in existing States where the scheme is being implemented and also extended to other states. 2. Information Technology under the component on Information Technology - a provision has been made for procurement of equipment to State Governments, Union Territories, CIFRI, DAH&D Headquarters, Fishery Survey of India, Development of Geographical Information System and Census on Inland Fisheries. This component on conduct of census on Inland Fisheries has been entrusted to CIFRI. 3. Census on Marine Fisheries - The Catch Assessment Survey on Marine Fisheries for streamlining the catch assessment surveys on marine fisheries, Fishery Survey of India will act as an interface between Ministry and the State Fishery Departments. FSI would collect data with emphasis on biological aspect of species, gear and market studies from the markets of marine States or UTs by deputing field enumerators on contractual basis, and strengthening of headquarters at the Centre.
Eligibility criteriaThe person should have taken fishing as his profession.
How to AvailBy contacting to the F.E.O of the concerned block or the District Level Fisheries Officer of the State.
Validity of the Scheme
Introduced On 02 / 01 / 2006
Valid Upto 02 / 01 / 2013
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