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Register with State Employment Exchange

What is an Employment Exchange and Who Needs to Register with an Employment Exchange?

An Employment Exchange is an organisation that provides employment assistance on the basis of qualification and experience. The Departments of Employment in various States of India allow unemployed educated youth residing in the respective States to pre-register for impending job vacancies occurring in different sectors of that State. The registered job seekers, in many States, can also check their status on the job waiting-list online. They also allow job seekers to search for suitable jobs and to update their resume. Employers can post their vacancies with these exchanges and choose from among the registered candidates as per their requirements.

Unemployed persons as well as currently employed persons looking for more suitable jobs can register with the Employment Exchanges operating in their States to avail of job opportunities.

What You Need to Do to Register with an Employment Exchange

Fill up the required application form, which is either available online or with the Employment Exchange in your area of residence. You need to submit attested photocopies of all your educational and experience-related certificates along with your resume, Caste Certificate (optional) and photographs, and produce identity documents such as Voter's Identity Card or Ration Card or Passport or Birth Certificate or Domicile Certificate, at the Employment Exchange operating in your region. After registration, you will be issued a registration number.

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