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Service CategoryGovernment to Citizen (G2C)
Service Title Check availability of accommodation in HPTDC hotels
Service State/MinistryHimachal Pradesh
Service DescriptionThis Web-enabled Online Hotels Reservation System (OLHRS) has been developed by the National Informatics Centre, Himachal Pradesh for computerized reservation of geographical distributed chain of hotels. Reservation of accommodation may be conducted by connecting a personal computer to internet at any location on the globe. The personal computer should have windows operating system and a graphic web browser like internet explorer or netscape navigator. Audience for this software is any person, who wish to book accommodation in hotels of HP Tourism Development Corp. (HPTDC) and authorized users who book accommodations for customers on behalf of HPTDC. For operating the software, it is necessary that the person should be familiar with the operation of a windows based personal computer and should know to browse on internet. He/ she basically should know the basic operating commands of a Windows based PC and be able to use mouse/ keyword. The Web Enabled Online Hotels Reservation System can be accessed from any part of the globe by any one to view the availability position of the accommodations at any of the hotels included in the Hotels Reservation System. The software is accessible on Internet. The prospective customers need not to contact individual hotels or marketing offices/ agents to know the accommodation availability. The reservation/ blocking of accommodation may also be done, if so desired from the place of the customer, itself.
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Source: National Portal Co-ordinator (Himachal Pradesh, 19-10-2011)