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This page lets you access the full text of all the Central Acts passed by the Indian Parliament ever since 1834 by searching the Indiacode Information System (INCODIS), a facility developed by the Legislative Department of the Ministry of Law and Justice, in association with National Informatics Centre.
The Indiacode Textbase contains all the Sections, Schedules, Short Title, Enactment Date, and Footnotes in every act. Furthermore, the Statement of Objects and Reasons (S.O.R.), Table of Contents (TOC), or the Status of an Act can also be retrieved through INCODIS. The INCODIS is a user-friendly system, through which users can look up the Acts or Amendments of their interest comfortably, provided they know either the Act year, Act number, Section number, Schedule number, or some keywords included in the Act.

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Though the above database is comprehensive, we have some of the Acts contributed by other Ministries/Departments which can be accessed from here.

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