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The National Portal of India (NPI) acts as a single window access to over 7000 government websites and portals. In its endeavour to cater to most of citizens' needs, the NPI plays host to over 1900 services from various states/ministries/ departments which are all packaged under the 'How Do I' section of the portal. With new services being added on a daily basis to the huge repository already available, user feedback plays an all important role. Your feedback can facilitate in improving and improvising. Just a few moments of your valuable time will help us enhance manifold the end-user experience of the National Portal of India.

All you have to do is Rate the services available through the National Portal of India on the basis of its 'Usefulness' and 'Ease of Access'. You can also view the current rating enjoyed by the said service. You may also post any comments or suggestions you might have on the particular service provided.

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