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Water Resources Potential

The average annual water availability of the country is assessed as 1869 billion cubic metres (BCM). Of this, total utilizable water resource is assessed as 1123 BCM, surface water 690 BCM and ground water as 433 BCM.

Irrigation Potential

Expansion of irrigation facilities, along with consolidation of the existing systems, has been the main part of the core strategy for increasing production of food with sustain and systematic development of irrigation grains. The irrigation potential through major, medium and minor irrigation projects has increased from 22.6 million hectares (mha) in 1951 when the process of planning began in India to about 102.77mha at the end of tenth plan. Plan-wise irrigation potential created and utilized through major, medium and minor irrigation projects in the country is as indicated hereunder:

Plan-wise irrigation potential through various irrigation projects
Plan Period Potential (cumulative) created (million hectares) Potential (cumulative) utilised (million hectares)
Pre-Plan period 22.60 22.60
First Plan (1951-56) 26.26 25.04
Second Plan (1956-61) 29.08 27.80
Third Plan (1961-66) 33.57 32.17
Annual Plans (1966-69) 37.10 35.75
Fourth Plan (1969-74) 44.20 42.19
Fifth Plan (1974-78) 52.02 48.46
Annual Plans (1978-80) 56.61 52.64
Sixth Plan (1980-85) 65.22 58.82
Seventh Plan (1985-90) 76.53 68.59
Annual Plans (1990-92) 81.09 72.86
Eighth Plan (1992-97) 86.26 77.24
Ninth Plan (1997-2002) 93.95 80.06
Tenth Plan (2002-07) 102.77 87.23

Source: National Portal Content Management Team, Reviewed on: 17-02-2011